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Towers Rush

This popular scavenger hunt sees teams of all ages and abilities provided with a map and a clue sheet and given four hours to race to as many checkpoints and complete as many challenges as they can within that time frame.  Past years challenges have included activities such as abseiling from heritage buildings, constructing food masterpieces, paddling the mighty Burdekin River, completing puzzles, and much more.

Whilst it’s not all about winning, and more about having fun and enjoying the outdoors, at the end of the challenge, points are tallied to create a leaderboard of teams.  Once teams have finished competing, the addition of live music and free kid’s entertainment after the morning's activities will make it a fantastic event for all.  From the young, to the young at heart, those who enjoy action packed fun, to those who enjoy something a little more sedate, the weekend is sure to be an event not to be missed.

What category should I enter?

Car - This category allows you to use your car (or other vehicle) to drive to the outlying locations in Towers Rush.  This will allow you to check out some of the more outlying challenges.  There will, however, be parts of the course where cars are banned and you will have to travel by foot.(short sections only).

Bicycle - This category allows your team to travel by Bicycle.  If you expect to reach the outlying challenges, you will.  All of the course is accessible via Bicycle (you will need to bring a lock to keep your bikes safe during challenges, etc or ensure someone from your team can watch your bike at each challenge.

Foot - This category means you can not travel by any other way then on foot or the bus that Towers Rush has provided.  You can not hitchhike, taxi, borrow a bike, etc.  You will not be able to reach the most outlying challenges by foot but there will still be plenty to do around the main hub area.  A timetable will be given for the Rush bus, so keep an eye out and plan well.

School - This is for groups representing schools.  Teachers and Students may enter this group.  It is recommended that students have an adult supervise their team.  You may use car, bicycle or foot in this category.  School groups may use a bus.  Students may have an adult driver for their team.  There is a School trophy you will be fighting for and the School group with the most points will win, so make sure your school has lots of teams so you have a good chance of getting the win.

Corporate - This is for groups representing businesses.  You may use car, bicycle, or foot in this category.  This is a perfect team bonding experience and gives people the chance to participate as a team outside of the standard work experience.

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